77 Stunning Modern Dream House Exterior Decoration Ideas

To make potential buyers fall in love with your property, it’s important to prepare your home before showing it to them. The process of preparing a property to increase its attractiveness is known as home staging. Apart from cleaning and decorating the interior of the house, it is also important to remodel the exterior of the house. Those who fail to realize this, often end up missing out on many great deals. The reason is, prospective buyers will see the property outside first, even before they get out of the car. Given below are some useful home staging ideas for sellers, to beautify the exterior of their house.

Start by watching your home from the buyer’s point of view. There are three main areas where you need to concentrate, to give your home a striking appearance – landscaping, house exteriors and terraces.


Purchase and plant shrubs around your property. Don’t buy mature trees as they are more expensive and you probably won’t see a return on your investment in them. Also, remember that landscaping should complement and enhance the appearance of your property, not cover it up. The bush should not be higher than the base of the window. Also make sure the tree branch is well above the ground, so that you can at least walk under it. This will give the plants ample time to develop and adjust to the healthier, greener sections of the yard, before potential buyers arrive. It’s also a great idea to enhance the beauty of the yard with some colorful flowers like petunias etc. You can decorate it in a flower bed or use a stylish flower pot and show it off on your patio.

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Home exterior

If the exterior of your home looks faded or weathered, it is time to paint it properly. This can do wonders in increasing the perceived price and increasing the attractiveness of your home. With the intention of being different, many people choose unusual colors to paint the walls of their homes. However, this was an unwise move. The paint color should match the structure and style of your home. In addition, careful inspection of the roof is also an important part of the exterior staging of a house. If your roof is leaking or it is old, replace it immediately.

Porch and front door

As the main door, the porch and the area around your property will collectively form the first impression on the mind of the buyer; this area should look very welcoming and fresh. If you don’t want to spend time painting the entire house, at least paint the main door. Also, if your doorbell is malfunctioning or damaged, replace it immediately. Polish the doorknobs, wash your mailbox, throw in the old door rug and buy a clean and attractive replacement and lastly be sure to sweep the porch.

Paying attention to all the little details like that is sure to present your prospective buyer with an image of a welcoming and well-kept home.

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