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The chignon is a really elegant updo hairstyles that can turn a bad hair day into a dynamic look with not much effort at all. Chignons are perfect for any occasion. This style can be polished, full and glamorous, or casual and messy. The choice is yours and is only limited to your own imagination. Jennifer Lopez, Paris Hilton, Madonna, and Michelle Trachtenberg are all famous for wearing chignon, but don’t forget that beautiful Eva Peron is the one who really made this hairstyle famous.

Tilted Chignon Bun

A chignon is a tucked-in slick updo, that when done right makes a low bun that lies straight across the back of the neck. But it can also be turned to the side or as in this case, slightly tilted, to create a lovely elongated bun for more texture and volume.

Wavy Messy Chignon

Messy updos are usually associated with a more laid back, casual style, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be classy as well. This is a clear example that even if you have wild wavy hair, you don’t need to straighten it to make it into a put together and elegant updo.

If you’re looking for instructions on how to make a chignon, you’ll first need to choose one design from the many available variations. Then, you also need to realize that each style can be changed and scraped to the side, with a haircut around the face or all pulled back.


No matter which variety you choose, there are a few important things that you must have in order to be able to create the look effectively. It’s the ideal hairdo for our second day hair as well as freshly washed and conditioned locks. This really depends on the look you’re trying to create, and how much available time you have to get ready.

Dutch Chignon

You can’t have a variation of a hairstyle without a braid or two and the chignon is no different. This one is two Dutch braids turned into a neatly textured chignon, that looks fabulous.

Lushious Chignon Locks

As elegant as the chignon is, it can also be quite playfully if done right. With wavy locks that every straight-haired person secretly dreams of, this boho chignon shows that chignon can certainly suit any style.

Before you start making your chignon, make sure you have an adequate supply of hair elastic, bobby pins, hairspray, pin-tail combs, and paddle brushes. And of course, take a lot of patience if this is your first attempt at this hairstyle. Below are the 2 most common variations. Go through each photo quickly, search for photos online, and choose the variety you think works best for you.

The Classic Chignon

Classic style is a timeless look that’s ideal for any occasion. Not to mention, once you get the hang of it, it’s a look some mirrorless people can do when they check email in the morning! Okay, that’s a little over the top but I hope you get the point.

Loosely Braided Chignon

Hairstylists might argue that this isn’t a real braid, and they’ll be right, but the basics are there. Strands of hair loosely interlocked to create a nice subtle structure that adds to the softness of the textured chignon make this hairstyle a lovely choice for a bridal hairdo.

Slick Two Toned Chignon

Highlights are another great way of adding texture to your hair. And they make every hairstyle look that much more fun. A few brightly contested highlights to this dark brunette make all the difference in the beauty of this carefully styled messy chignon.

First, smooth your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, and tie it in a hair tie using a paddle brush. Holding the ponytail, turn it slowly so that your ponytail begins to twist and turn. Of course, you can add jewel, beaded or floral accessories to the hairstyles too for an extra splash of elegant.

The Ballerina Chignon

This is a variation of the elegant hairstyles chignon that’s really easy to pull off. Start the same way as for the ‘classic’ style – by combing your hair into a low ponytail and tying it in a hair elastic. Take a small section, wrap it around the ponytail, and secure it using long bobby pins. You will continue to do this for all of the remaining hair, using sections of similar size. If done correctly, you shouldn’t be able to see the bobby pins, but if there are several visible around the base, cover them with ribbons, bobby pins, flowers, etc.

Chunky Twist

We gave you an example of how you can get a more textured chignon by arranging smaller strands of hair in intricate ways. This style is a bit toned down, using wider strands of hair, which gives it a bit more sturdiness, lasting longer for day-long special events.

Twisted Nest Of Perls

Swirling and twisting strands of hairs are just as good at creating volume and structure as braids and are much faster to do. This gorgeous chignon does look like a neat little nest, with the pearls cozily resting inside it.


Again, one of the nice things about the bun is that it can be personalized in a variety of ways. The 2 variations above tend to be the most common and practical, but there are actually dozens of other styles. So, if you’re still confused, the best approach is to do a Google image search for “chignon,” or check out photo galleries of more elegant hairstyles.

Low Messy Chignon

As we already established, even a messy chignon ends up looking quite classy and elegant. This V-shaped effect is love and surprisingly, much easier to achieve than you might think. With the proper hair accessories, it will be a winner hairstyle for many special occasions.

Pompadour And Braid Chignon

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Feeling like your hair is a bit flat and without volume? Then here is an idea for you. Increase the volume up top by creating a slight pompadour secured with a lovely plait ending in a darling curly chignon in the nape. A mix of hairstyles that works.

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