Different Natural Makeup Ideas

Natural Makeup Ideas

Natural makeup usually refers to all the attributes that will give you a normal look by avoiding all kinds of artificial materials. The sole purpose of this makeup is to enhance your facial features instead of overpowering them. During the day, it is highly recommended to wear subtle splashes of makeup color that will accentuate some of your facial features such as, high cheekbones, fresh lips, etc. Again, due to the dim lighting at night, this gives you the opportunity to access more natural beauty products in a cheerful way.

Let me dazzle you with my brows and lips

This lady is certainly one of the fearless ones who aren’t afraid of a statement shade. The brows and lips are the focal points in the look which has grabbed us right by the faces and made us stare. The edgy blue tones are combined with soft peachy blush, a touch of highlight, and a very elegant winged eyeliner.

I just came back from the Milky Way

Make no mistake, blue at its best is attention-grabbing. And this girl certainly knows how to create a work of art on her face. Just like the Milky Way, this look is totally outlandish, with dreamy, multicolored splashes and blue lips that mesmerized us all the way. We inspire you to be just like her, a daring blue babe that isn’t afraid to express herself beyond the norm.

A night in Autumn

This wildly unnatural beauty look is a great option for a night spent partying under the stars. The bold blue lipstick creates an almost velvety look that is beautifully accompanied by earthly eyeshadows. The sparkling “freckles” are the cutest twist in this look that ties the look together and give a dreamy feel.

Natural Makeup Ideas for Different Ages:

Therefore, it is very important that the foundation makeup should combine all of these colors into neutral colors. For example, a yellow or dull hue can effectively restore color with the help of a cream foundation and a red hue can be stabilized together with a cliff foundation. Therefore, it will always be a wise decision to go with neutral colors. If someone has blue eyes, it is advisable to use gray or blue colors which naturally enhance your eye color. You can even use the colors in your iris glasses.

A look that might freeze you

Today’s post it’s all about executing artsy aesthetics on your face with blue shades and popping metallics. Create an out of this world look with smokey blue eyes and striking metallic blue lips. A look that will spread artistic flair and mesmerize many.

Sunkissed blue

This girl is no joke when it comes to contouring! She nailed the bronzy effect, with smokey-goldish eyes and dramatic lashes. However, the star of this look is, of course, the beautiful blue lips. The matte lipstick makes a charming velvety feel and serves as an awesome statement accessory with a unique appearance.

Natural Makeup Ideas for Parties:

To get a stunning natural make-up for the party, you only have the right to apply a liquid mineral makeup foundation. You can also use eyeliners on the upper and lower lids combined with mascara for a glossy look. Most of the women prefer a shiny lipstick that harmonizes skin tone well with a little blush. Also, if you want a natural and alluring look, an eyeshadow that matches your eye color will definitely be your first and foremost choice. Regarding the hair, you are always welcome to dry or spray it as well as can efficiently leave your hair open for the whole party.

Space buns and teal seduction

When it comes to creating a blue makeup look, this girl has nailed it! The beautifully blended teal eyeshadow creates a totally outlandish smokey effect with a touch of blue highlight in the inner corner. This look is anything but boring, and the dark-teal lips are proof of that.

Blue lips and a cat-eye that could kill

There’s something about that daring edge-factor in blue color that we all crave for. A look that is sexy, sultry, and bold to boot. The winged eyeliner adds to the femininity and the blue lips to the boldness, full of mystery and depth. So go now, create this look, and wow everyone.

Mermaidy aesthetic

Create this mermaid-inspired look and take it into the cool-girl territory. The wet hair contributes to the edginess of the makeup. The striking blue lips are combined with a little contour for added dimension and dazzling smokey eyes for a head-turning effect. A truly unique look that deserves to be tried out!

How to apply?

It is very important to apply all make-up to a clean, firm as well as moisturized face. After that, you have to decide which color will really look good on your complexion or skin tone. Lastly, it is very important to choose the right lipstick. If your lips are naturally pink, you can definitely access a pink or light pink cream lipstick. Apart from that, brown or natural lipstick shades are suitable for everyone.

Strike me with that pastel

This post wouldn’t be much of a “blue lipstick inspiration” post without Rihanna included. The magic of a blue lipstick is that you can pull off a striking makeup look with minimal effort. You can basically put no makeup and let the blue lipstick do its magic. Rihanna definitely knows what’s up.

In a world of nudes and blues

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The best thing about blue lipstick is that you can get away with minimal makeup on the rest of your face. A little contouring and nude eyeshadow go a long way with a blue lipstick combo. This matte lipstick is definitely to die for. It is a beautiful pop of color with a velvety feel and modern touch.

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