Best Country Kitchen Designs

Shaker kitchen

It is very distinctive because it resembles the stylish ‘photo frame’ design on a wardrobe door. If you have this kind of country kitchen, it looks very modern and many people will love it.


Designing a country kitchen is not just about the kitchen style you decide to go for – it’s about the lived-in feel that it creates,’ says Leisha Norman, Kitchen Designer at Harvey Jones. To make a new build or kitchen extension look and feel more rustic, try adding some antique details or pre-loved ornaments to bring personality.

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Kitchen Island

This is the area you get, and the kitchen can be considered a great way to add and use the area in your kitchen as it may be home storage, fixtures and utensils. Check out our guide to common kitchen layouts for more detailed ideas.


In a characterful country property, the straight lines and hard edges of a typical kitchen can look a little square. In this Norfolk cottage, custom-made cabinets with curved profiles soften the space. The unusual design of the island creates a gathering space in the centre of the kitchen, and replicates the shape of the corner cabinet beyond.

Wooden kitchen

From real beech wood for a light look, to walnut for a darker tone, solid wood kitchen areas are a great way to get a nationally rustic look. Wood kitchens are expensive, but wood veneer or wood effect laminate are the cheaper versions. Your designer can provide more information about kitchen systems, kitchen doors and countertops as well as more advice on the various ingredients available, and what kitchen owners have done to get better ratings for ratings.


Country kitchen ideas are evolving to embrace technology while still retaining a rustic look and feel. This is often paired with exposed timber to bring the kitchen to life. Technology is now a need versus a trend, with boiling water taps and wine fridges being a must. People are investing in their kitchens to make them flow as an interactive space and make their homes future-proof.


New accessories are an inexpensive way to improve your kitchen. Based on what you want, fixtures like the door deal can cost less than $ 2 for two. If you’re thinking about Belfast kitchen sinks, you’ll probably find used sinks that are less expensive, so try back yards and antique counters.


Think hidden and open storage with pull-out crate drawers, hooks, rails and shelves offering quick and easy access to organic fruit and vegetables, artisan breads and fresh herbs and spices,’ says David Roy, Country Manager Schmidt.

Kitchen floor

Real natural stone tiles, such as terracotta, slate, or travertine, will create an instant rustic feel. Vinyl cloth tile effect flooring on the other hand can cost quite a bit of money. Hardwood floor coverings are also a great choice for a rustic feel. You can even combine them with tiles for added interest. Find a guide to installing and buying hardwood floor coverings that offer that added feel.


Touches of shining copper and dark, beaded cabinetry juxtaposed with pure white worktops and marble mosaic floor combine to create a stately country home feel. Pair with simple oak chairs, open shelving – we love a good kitchen shelving idea – and dot with pops of red to prevent it from becoming too grand.

Paint color

Not only is painting your kitchen item a cheaper way to upgrade than buying a new kitchen, it’s also a great way to mimic the look of the United States. Choose a forest green, beige, pale yellow or strawberry as well as a red blue is suitable.


Pale painted Shaker cabinetry sitting on a classic random flag farmhouse stone floor is a classic combination for a smart country kitchen. Add simple but stylish metallic knobs and cup handles and cool white tops to complete the look.

Kitchen kitchen table

If building country kitchens across the country from scrapes is more than you can afford, new kitchen countertops, especially wooden ones, will add to the feel of a country nationwide. You can check out the most suitable workbench to suit your country kitchen.

Kitchen tiles

Tiles are an inexpensive way to inject rustic style into a kitchen – starting at around $ 50 each and there’s always a wide selection of finishes, textures as well as colors. Above are examples of the best inexpensive rustic kitchen designs that you can use to make this awe-inspiring place. They can be easily obtained as well as applied. Finding the best designer will be ideal in ensuring that designs can be easily combined.


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A central workstation is a clever and hardworking alternative to a traditional farmhouse table when you’re planning your country kitchen ideas. In this design, a timber worktop overhang provides space for bar stools to sit at the island, creating a spot for casual dining.

To create your Country Kitchen design, you really need to spend a lot of time looking through other people’s designs until you find a design that you really like. Discuss these designs with a kitchen designer and you will soon realize the Country Kitchen of your dreams.

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