Timeless Country Style Bedroom Sets

Style Ideas For Country Bedroom

If you’ve always wanted a warm and cozy country house decor appeal, you’ll love bringing it straight into your bedroom. Since country inspiration knows no time, expect your country bedroom furniture to remain flawless any time of year.


Consider adding modern hints to your country bedroom ideas. Kathy Kuo of Kathy Kuo Home suggests placing a bench at the end of your bed, with industrial or rustic leather legs to add a touch of variety. You can even add hide fur pillows onto your bedding or top an ottoman with a stylish tray to mix old world with modern chic.

When working on a country interior, remember that window treatments always play a good role in achieving the right look. There are actually many different styles that go well with this design concept, but all of them should work better with the other colors in the room. If you are strict with that country look, you should stay away from contemporary prints as they tend to confuse the whole country effect.

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Soft furnishings are the perfect way to transform a room without having to redecorate completely. Chalky color palettes based on heritage prints always work well in country bedrooms,’ says Debbie Leigh, Design Manager at ILIV. They are easy to incorporate, with of plenty of blankets, throws and varying cushion sizes.

A good idea is to have plain shiny curtains and lots of solid upholstered furniture throughout your bedroom. You can also invest in bedding and pillows and rustic-inspired knick-knacks in your room. Remember to save the pattern and color along the country effect you want to create. The vintage pieces that you can find at most flea markets should go a long way in providing a beautiful finish to your designs. You’ll love how you can get a really nice bedroom just by getting the old stuff and maybe repainting it in a color that fits your scheme.


Enjoy stunning countryside views from a bedroom balcony. An oak framed balcony can be entirely self-supporting and fits well in rural settings. Depending on your budget, they can be built with enough space for sun loungers and planters. A more modest Juliet balcony, which has no outside space, can still have a huge impact – making the most of a view and bringing light into the room, for minimal disruption and cost.

Furniture Ideas For Country Bedroom Decor

To create that designer look, you may want to add lots of wood or pewter details to match your bedroom furniture. When designing a rustic interior, a lot will depend on color, so if you want your design to be straight forward, stick to your grays, beiges, rusts, blues, reds and greens.


Bespoke furniture is a great option if you’re looking for something that’s unique to your bedroom. You may have a certain awkward space you’d like to fill, or a particular color scheme in mind. For a timeless county bedroom scheme, we often recommend using a combination of natural wood, soft whites and crisp blues, then teaming them with natural materials in the form of accessories.

Your floor can also spoil the total look, but you’ll be safe with some large rugs or mini rugs with a rustic design. Plus, you’ll also want to consider lighting fixtures. You can have a chandelier in your bedroom or a handy little lamp.


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It is important to position the bed first so that you have the best view, for example, without hindering the flow of the room. When it comes to your country bedroom decor ideas, start with something you love and build around it, from a statement headboard, favorite color, or a piece of art. Then the rest of the room design tends to fall into place.

You definitely don’t want to forget your walls. Play them with country decor like horns, for example, or a rustic-inspired painting. It will really add a unique spark of country into your bedroom design.

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