Five Tips to Create a Perfectly Casual, Cozy Living Room

Creating a cozy and stylish living room provides a gathering place for you as well as your family to relax and spend quality time together. It’s important to create a look as well as feel that evokes your lifestyle and invites friends and family to enjoy their time together.

If you’re interested in a room that welcomes everyone who enters in a comfortable as well as stylish way, the right furniture will help. No matter what size room you have, you can make it as comfortable as you want with a few tips:

Tip 1: Evaluate Your Space and Colors

Even large spaces can feel inviting and comfortable. The addition of large pieces of furniture can fill a large space and add a sense of intimacy to your room. A small room can also accommodate large pieces of furniture in an inviting setting. Think about your existing wall colors and decide whether you want to work with what you have or start with a fresh coat of paint. Pick a color that suits your taste and from there coordinate your furniture and accessories. Remember that warm colors convey a stronger sense of comfort and coziness.


Lighting can make or break the atmosphere in your living room. Interior designer Nicky Dobree recommends using plenty of lamps to cast a soft, warm light across the room at a lower level. Instead of a lone central pendant, she prefers indirect spotlights, on dimmers if possible.

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Tip 2: Add Big and Comfortable Furniture

To increase the comfort, living-in atmosphere, add a loveseat, backrest, and perhaps two sofas facing each other, or a well-designed section to provide plenty of comfortable places to sit and relax, read a book, watch TV or visit guests and family members. in a comfortable and stylish setting. Adding a snug fit on the back of the sofa is a nice touch for added comfort. The addition of a high cabinet or cupboard will also enhance the atmosphere of the room.


An abundance of pattern can make a large open space appear a lot more intimate. From patterned living room wallpaper to cushions or pillows, upholstery and flooring, patterns can be implemented pretty much anywhere in a space that feels too cold or open to give it a cozy feel. Pattern need not always be partnered with plain. Try mixing designs for a more eclectic look, which is easier to live with than you might think.

Tip 3: Create Various Parts in a Large Room

You can add areas for entertainment, informal dining, and activities such as arts and crafts or playing games if you have a large area to fill. In addition to your main sitting room, place a group of upholstered or comfortable chairs around a round table, add a long farm table and bench by the window, or place a side table with two comfortable chairs on each side in a nice little space. Various places to sit, work or relax add depth and dimension to any room.


We’re seeing a lot more terracotta, clay and rust colors coming through. These tones are ideally suited in a country setting and can be softened with a neutral off-white backdrop. Velvet is a relatively new trend that’s gaining traction on sofas, and a great way to fast track a bit of luxury into your living room.

Tip 4: Consider Your Lighting

The softer your lighting, the warmer and inviting your room will feel. Use a table lamp or a lamppost for extra lighting that won’t cast harsh shadows. Lower your center light to a lower level in a nice color that coordinates with your upholstery. The key is to avoid harsh lighting of any kind. Adding a dimmer switch to easily adjust your lighting as times change is also a good idea to create a soft welcoming glow in your room.


For a more adult entertaining space, pick shapely furniture with elegance and grace. Symmetry is key, but don’t over-play the coordination or it may appear stiff and unwelcoming. To create a sophisticated look, it’s important to choose things you really like or cherish. Avoid anything too gimmicky and don’t try to match everything.

Tip 5: Add Carpets Regardless of Your Floor

Regardless of your flooring material, whether carpet, hardwood, or tile, adding area rugs in key areas brings a welcoming warm feeling. Choose patterns, colors and textures that complement your furnishings as well as add an added touch of comfort to your room. Use a variety of styles in each area you create – it doesn’t have to be the same. Just coordinate color and style.


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They’re ideal for small living rooms as they allow you to use every inch of your space, keeping it relaxed and intimate. Also an excellent choice for larger spaces, you can place the sofa into the centre of the room, breaking up the open area and making the room feel instantly cosier.

Creating the atmosphere you want in any room in your home is easy with the right furniture, lighting and accessories. Consider your space, your color scheme, as well as the placement of your furniture to create the right sense of comfort that makes you feel good.

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