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Until recently, I had no idea that there was a right or wrong way to fridge organization. But after making trips to the grocery store to grab something that we already had in the crisper. So I looked into it. And let me just say that the results rocked my world. Think color-coordinated crispers and neat stacks of yogurt, acrylic drink dispensers and eggs out in the open. Totally drool-worthy and surprisingly doable with the right accessories. (Plus, this method will help you cut down on food waste and save you money each week.).

I’m pretty sure that “Getting to Know Your Fridge” wasn’t covered in Home Economics. So it’s okay if you didn’t know that some parts of your refrigerator are actually warmer and colder than others. But here are the basics: The top shelf and door tend to be the warmest “zones”. While the middle and bottom shelves get progressively cooler.

Put Things in Fridge Organization Practical Spots

So, you should keep condiments in the door, dairy products, eggs and spreads on the upper shelves. Meats and milk on the lowest shelf and fruits and vegetables in the crisper. (More on that in a moment.) By putting everything in proper place, you can help your food last a little longer and avoid spending more.

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The reason for all the effort I put into keeping my fridge organization is that I really can’t cook in a kitchen that’s less than spotless—countertop, stove, cutting board and all. That quest for tidiness has prompted me to pick up a few tips and tricks along the way. Not just for organizing my fridge but making everything in it last that much longer, and stay that much fresher. Here are some of them that have worked for me.

Bonus tip: For untouched cakes, frosting acts as a seal. Many frosted cakes can be stored at room temperature, but there are a few exceptions: if it’s hot and humid; or if the frosting is made using cream cheese. In both scenarios, you can store the unwrapped, frosted cake in the fridge for a few days, according to food blogger Stacie Billis. The frosting makes a seal that keeps the cake from drying out, so you won’t need to wrap it in plastic wrap and ruin your beautiful icing work.

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